Einsteins Dreams: primordial readings on time consciousness ?

Dear Einsteins Dreamers,

As background for the Einsteins Dreams project, first off, let's replace "perception of time" by time consciousness. There is an enormous literature on time of course, but let me suggest some passages to orient a starting place that's suitably elastic and avoids the rampant cognitivism:

Heidegger, Metaphysical Foundations of Logic
In the second part, there is a particularly clear exposition of the triadic structure of time consciousness, which is also discussed by Husserl.

Husserl, The Pheomenology of Time Consciousness.
I am not sufficiently familiar with this text to suggest any one section, so feel that I should read the entire book. But Id want company for that :) The one paragraph from the appendix to Maturana and Varela, Autopoeisis and Cognition:
"Time as a dimension" I'd like to understand this incredibly lucid passage clearly with you, because I think it clears an enormous ground for understanding time(s) as an effect. That's one of my pet hypotheses :)

This all could be discussed quite efficiently by hanging out with some of our friendly neighborhood philosophers -- David Morris and the Memory Place Identity group. Perhaps ED could meet with them?

Hab keine angst, very rapidly we will need to generate concrete funding proposals, so very very rapidly we will need to create some sketches or at least some scenarios. Cheers,
Xin Wei