Einsteins Dreams: raw work plan

5 The integrated work plan for the research and/or production activities
5.1 studies -- specific techniques
person scale
site scale
5.2 rehearsals -- putting it together
blackbox theatre
mock up on-site
rehearsals on-site
5.3 checkpoints and R&D
initial blackbox scratch, bring creators together
bench studies
mock-up on site
large feature redesign
bench studies
sub-contracted work
rehearsal 1.1 in blackbox and rehearsal 1.2 on-site
fine feature redesign
rehearsal 2
•  production
WHERE will it be done? ?
Berkeley, Pacific Film Archive 2011 ?
Montreal Usine-C
Tate Modern 2011
Harvard Biochem building (Galison)
Under Brooklyn Bridge
San Francisco Presidio