Einsteins Dreams SSHRC Research Creation supporting material needed

We should use some of the Frankenstein work since it shows our work as a team. 

take care

On 2010-10-09, at 7:56 PM, "Sha Xin Wei" <shaxinwei@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Michael, Harry, Jerome, Navid,

The SSHRC does need supporting material for the RC grant.  So please do post links to your videos / sound that we can sift together into a portfolio.   Can you get your samples to me by end of this week?
Ideally morning THURSDAY Oct 14, so we can sift through it in the TML.

Self-contained video files of 2-3 minutes could be useful.  Audio narration could be ok but I think it would be better to supply sufficiently extended captions to explain significance and relevance to ED.  I think we should pick Option 1, up to 3 excerpts. Of course Frankensteins Ghosts would be great.  Some non-allegorical, non-representationalist, and striking ambience conditioning would be great.

I cc Saulo and Lina as readers and potential editors of the SSHRC package.  We need someone to step up to do the final assembly.  Michael and I can pay for this time.

Xin Wei

From: Lyse Larose <Lyse.Larose@concordia.ca>
Date: October 9, 2010 10:57:38 AM EDT
To: Sha Xin Wei <shaxinwei@gmail.com>, Michael Montanaro <mgm@alcor.concordia.ca>
Subject: Re: Einsteins Dreams SSHRC Research Creation in capsule

Hi Xin Wei:  Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Are you and Michael co-applicants?  

[yes it's already in the SSHRC online]

I’m looking forward to your grant.  As for support material, yes, it’s required.  The specs for it are below.  Perhaps you could designate someone on the team to be charge of getting it together and in the format they require?  

Support Material (SSHRC RC)

List  any samples of work you are submitting to illustrate your qualifications as an  applicant or as a team and/or to illustrate the nature of your proposed  research/creation. The instructions below explain exactly how you must present  the support material.

  Samples will be sent to  external reviewers in the eventuality that external reviewers are requested by  the adjudication committee. However, due to technical challenges SSHRC cannot  guarantee that the samples will be viewed.

   The  adjudication committee will normally have very limited time per application to  view, read or listen to samples of work provided. It is important, therefore,  for applicants to present their material in the most effective manner: indicate  clearly the order in which the material should be viewed by the committee and,  where possible, present all of your material on a single CD, videotape, etc., edited  in viewing priority. Note: Wherever feasible, written material (e.g.,  creative writing samples) will be sent to the adjudication committee for  reading before the adjudication meeting.

   Choose  one of the following arrangements:

  • provide       up to 3 works or 3 excerpts of works on videotape (VHS or SVHS), audio       cassette, DVD, DAT, CD or CD-ROM. Note: Select the medium you feel best       captures the work of you or your team;
  • provide       up to 20 slides;
  • provide       up to 3 excerpts of written material (overall maximum of 15 pages) drawn       from a book or books, a manuscript, a catalogue, etc. (you may specify       certain pages within publications that cannot effectively be photocopied).

Note: Any other samples or combinations of samples must be pre-approved by the  program officer. Samples exceeding the stated types or limits without  pre-approval will not be shown to the committee.

Note: A specifications guideline for the multimedia platform and new media formats is  available upon request.

  Presentation  of samples

  • Labeling: Clearly       label your support material.
  • Viewing       order: List the material in order of suggested viewing       priority.
  • Link to       assessment: Explain briefly how the material supports       assessment of your application - both your proposed program of       research/creation and your (or your team's) record of accomplishment.
  • For       videotapes, films, audio cassettes, CDs, DATs, CD-ROMs: Identify (1) the title of the piece/work; (2) the role of the applicant(s)       or team member(s); (3) the medium; (4) the duration of the piece; (5) the year       of production/creation; (6) which part of the material is to be presented       to the committee; and (7) any special instructions or notes for viewing.
  • For       slides: For each slide, identify (1) the title of the       work; (2) the role of the applicant(s) or team member(s); (3) the date of       creation/production; (4) the medium; and (5) the dimensions of the work       (where applicable).
  • For       print material: Label material with your name and identify (1)       the title of the work or publication; (2) the role of the applicant or       team member; and (3) the year of publication/production.

No. of Copies:  Include at least  one copy of the samples with your application.

  Return of material: A postage-paid and self-addressed envelope or box should be made  available if you would like the the samples of work returned. Any samples of  work not re-claimed in this way will be disposed of by SSHRC once the  competition cycle has been completed.



On 10-10-09 9:49 AM, "Sha Xin Wei" <shaxinwei@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Lyse,

Michael Montanaro and I have been working over the past months on Einsteins Dreams for the SSHRC Research Creation competition due Nov 5.

Here's our timetable and basics.

Monday Oct 11, end of day:
        Done Draft treatment
        Fill in SSHRC template

Saturday - Sunday Oct 16-17
        Everyone : Meet to work in MM cottage

Monday Oct 18
        Deliver to Office of Research

Production Team:
        Sha Xin Wei: concept, technical
        Michael Montanaro: concept, movement
        Jerome Delapierre: video
        Navid Navab: sound
        Harry Smoak: lighting
        Paul Ahad: mechanical / stage design

Support Team:
        Lina Dib: Research -- time and memory, cultural studies of science and technologies of time.
        Saulo Madrid, JC Nesci: Communications, print documentation
        (Jhave Johnston): Communications, media documentation
        (Katie Jung), Project administration

2010-2011 (Year 0)
        Discussion of temporal experience, temporal consciousness, rhythm, memory
        Movement workshops: TML @ Bain St Michel Montreal (March / April 2011), Berkeley (April 2011)

2011-2012 (Year 1)
        Discussion of temporal experience, temporal consciousness, rhythm, memory
        Movement workshops: Hexagram Concordia, Berkeley Wymore movement lab, New York (), Paris (le cube)

2012-2013 (Year 2)
London, Dana Centre, Tate,

2013-2014 (Year 3)
Paris, Berlin?
Montreal: Gas Works, Hangar Old Port, old Cirque Eloise

It'll be for the max allowable $ amount.

I've put in a placeholder on the SSHRC website.  Need to change the title etc.

We have idea, timeline, team, allies, etc. sketched, and are now assembling,   Although the SSHRC RC does not take portfolio (right?), we plan to poset a video / presentation on the web.

Xin Wei

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