restart Einstein's Dreams conversation

Hi Michael, Lina,

OK, I've started Einsteins Dreams on a new blog service, where we're now posting other TML blogs too.

It's private, with just us three for now.  You can post via email:

I've put up a new first draft, using the CCA-NSERC outline, even though we're not making this year's round.

Scientific question :  how do temporal textures  -- in light and sound and most importantly of activities of other bodies around us -- induce different senses of temporality?

Artistic - conceptual question: moving from from Husserl's phenomenology of time consciousness, but taken out of its cartesian frame, made into a field effect using our realtime media apparatus)

Practical (engineering) support:
We may have an opportunity to do this with allies from London and/or Berkeley (EE CITRIS, CNMAT); TML's temporal textures research; the GRAND NCE I'm in with Jeremy Cooperstock et al....

Xin Wei