Some Ingredients for Einstein's Dreams

Just scattered notes from the plane (notes scattered from the plane?), for an Einsteins Dreams chat with Lina Thursday :)

Artistic Research  R&D
Alan Lightman novel 
Time consciousness (Sha + David Morris Memory)

TML / Lenka Novakova / Laura Emelianoff, Bain St Michel residency, 
public responsive space exhibition, 2-3 months April - May 2011
Michael M, Xin Wei
teams from FG and Ozone
TML /Hexagram: Temporal textures (Harry, Pat, Ozone)
Installation+Movement (summer 2011?)
Satinder Gill, Anglia-Ruskin University, movement + sound lab
(Tim, Richard composers; Jane choreographer)
Prosody (Gill Cambridge )

Production Venues
TML, Montreal
RedCat, LA
Eyebeam, NYC

Symposium Venues
Banff Math Institute  (R Mazzeo), New Media Institute, Banff Performing Arts
UC Berkeley, Dance and Tech May 2011, Wymore
classes: Wymore, de Kosnik
AI Society, July / August 2012: Cambridge University, session on time consciousness (not time)

Exhibit Venues
Dana Centre, Sep 2012
Berkeley / SF 
Tate Modern, June 2013 
Eyebeam, NYC

Foundation support
Image Text Sound ?
CCA / NSERC New Media April 2011?
study of time consciousness?

Prior Research & Art
Frankensteins Ghosts
Montanaro portfolio
Temporal textures (FQRSC)
Memory-Identity-Place (with David Morris, philosophy)

Collaborators, Advisors
Linnaea Tillett Lighting Design
Prof. Peter Galison, Harvard, History of Science