Einstein's Dreams : a series of experiments, exhibitions about temporality

Einstein's Dreams is a series of experiments, exhibitions about temporality: NOT “time” as an abstraction but the lived experience of change, dynamic, rhythm. of temporal texture (if that make sense).

Einstein's Dreams as a research stream dates back to about 2010 when choreographer/filmmaker Michael Montanaro and I discovered common inspiration in Alan Lightman’s novel.   The Topological Media Lab has mounted a series of installation-experiments over the past few years, most notably a set of Hexagram blackbox experiments in 2013, and a set of installations / actions in U Chicago’s Play Symposium .

There are rich background notes to this creation-research stream:

I propose we post emails about Einsteins Dreams to post@einsteinsdreams.posthaven.com

Please post more general or more theoretical and technical notes and links about textural approaches  to temporal experience, (change, dynamic, rhythm, etc.) to post@textures.posthaven.com

David — or Ed or Katie — can you flesh out the notes from our jam session?  I may not be able to do this while the memory is hot.

Time frame 2015 (- 2016)
Sprint (yielding documents, diagrams, scores, recipes, maquettes)
Exhibition (LACMA, Yerba Buena)
Exhibition (Exploratorium)

Here are the snaps:


Xin Wei

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