necessary, but not sufficient (was: Here is the show I saw with 3D mapping - Must see!)

It's impressive -- we want to own that sort of functionality!  I don't see any rocket science in their tech, which is great, so it would be straightforward to assemble the same solution ourselves.  Perhaps this can be accomplished with much less budget: they seem to be assembling a lot of different design shops  to do what could be assembled by one well-trained engineering team.    

I'm curious how it feels live.  In terms of effect, after a while, it (and all these other building projections ) seems kind of boring bc it's just mapping textures to walls -- very screeny.  (Notice that the interviews show the graphic designers working on screens, rather than painting/beaming with handhelds  directly on , and walking around their mock-up models.)

I saw no compositional, dramatic development in the first half of the video.  ("Dramatic" can be non-anthropocentric, in our work.)

What MM's doing with what I'm calling the "building character" approach to building-scale events will be very interesting, I think, because it will actually give character to buildings and breathe relationships into them and their "actions".  So there's a extra layer of meaning, magic, breath-taking as-if-accident that will emerge.  All the practice of staging, blocking, action, choreography, composition, extended from the  anthropocentric to the scale of buildings, will be really powerful.

Let me remind us of a practical goal that I've been urging for ten years: let's get away from screen-centric design!!!   For example, we could make mock-up panels out of foamcore + fiducials (for auto-tracking by DL2's) and walk with them / move them by hand to rapidly prototype effect of shifting perspectives as function of movement of visitor and of physical architecture.   We can take the RP 3D "prints" and light them with real light, and walk around them with our little mitsubishi's (or even jury rig our own small pen-cameras and pen-projectors, (and ears), and puppets!    

We should schedule some workshops with Mark Sussman now, for when?  

Thanks for the conversation-provoking example :)
Let's post lots more examples to !

Xin Wei

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