Ozone & Einsteins Dream workshops in 2011

Here is my current list of potential and proposed opportunities to do workshops related to Ozone & Einsteins Dream in 2011.
Some are fundable.
I will be working on funding these...depending on who can accomplish what.

March (during intersession break) UC Berkeley
1 or 2 members of Ozone team demo Lisa Wymore's lab
Meyer Sound work

March 5 - April 30 Bain St Michel, Montreal

April 15-23 Berkeley Dance Productions 8, Berkeley
  Workshop in Lisa Wymore's lab ?
Maybe only media techniques

May 1-8 Hexagram, Montreal ??
Michael Montanaro & visitors Lisa Wymore (UC Berkeley) and Sheldon Smith (Mills College) ?

August 1-10 Hawaii
SECT Seminar in Experimental Critical Theory
technoscientific knowledge production and urban experience in Asia

Xin Wei