[Synthesis] background for "Einsteins Dreams" project

Dear Synthesis researchers -- TT + grads:

As we build the portal tools, we are laying instruments for second and third order experiments.  I’ll explain as we go, next week in live meeting.  For example: Einsteins Dream work on simultaneity and latency, and the experiential mutation of experienced topology of space-time.

Here’s the link to background work for the Einsteins Dreams research stream

that Synthesis will carry forward in three settings:

• Marked, theatrical / artistic event  (e.g. iStage Blackbox, Beall Center UCI)
• Everyday space everyday, unmarked activity, (e.g. Brickyard commons and Stauffer office)
• Public spaces (eg, ASU Turrell sculpture, Santa Monica)

Xin Wei

PS Please cc. all thoughts, scrapbook notes re ED to post@einsteinsdreams.posthaven.com

PPS The apparatus could also be used in a very different set of embodied rehearsal-speculation with the climate modellers that Dehlia Hannah  & I would like to bring to Synthesis over the coming year.   e.g. Andrew Harding.

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